Monday, July 01, 2013

Dried Canned Fruit

Yesterday I started some canned fruit drying in my dehydrator.  The cost of the canned fruit was $5.95.
I got 2 trays pineapple slices, 1 tray pear halves and 2 trays peach slices.
12 hours and about an hour power outage later, my pineapple and peaches were done.  The pear halves were still needing to dry a little longer so I set the timer for about 3 more hours.
I discovered I don't care much for the peaches, so I won't be making those again.  The pineapple and pears are awesome.
I got the idea to used canned fruit from watching this YouTube Video.  I used fruit canned in natural juice.  I know canned foods loose some nutritional value, and I'm sure dehydrating it looses a little more, but it sure is good!