Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy Saturday!

I can’t believe this is the last day of November!  Christmas is now much closer. シ
Im not ready. Are you?  I do have 3 gifts already. Still need to decide on the last 3. Those may end up being store bought instead of homemade.  Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving
I made a homemade graham cracker crust

For my chocolate mousse pie

MMMMM there was 2 servings left.

I played with some old CD's experimenting for a fair project idea I have
Then I remodeled my craft room.  We had the red counter top and it fits perfectly over the backs of some chairs we have.  Now I have a work space in my craft room.

I finished this hat.....It's STILL too small!  Grrrr!  Guess I'll have to try again sometime.  The pattern says ages 12-adult but 3 times now, even though I have added rows and gone up a hook size it still measures out for toddler size.

and just something totally random before I end ....... I found this totally amusing.  The blanket fuzz from one of the blankets on the bed left me a message......"12".  Wonder what it means?  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and be watching for my Vlogmas video's over on my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Today in the Kitchen

I did a lot of prep in the kitchen this morning.....I had a 10# bag of chicken leg quarters that I got for 39¢ last week.  I divided them up to freeze.  These are for Hubby.....I don't eat them LOL! 

 I forgot to take pictures, but I also had a 5# chub of hamburger that I divided up into a 1# and 2# package.  The other 2# I put in the crockpot with some chopped up bell pepper and dehydrated onions.  This will be used for chili sometime soon.
I used the last package of previously purchased leg/thigh quarters and put them in the crockpot for hubby for supper.  I topped them with sweet baby ray's bbq sauce.

I cut up a few red potatoes and put them in water to soak a few hours before I cooked them for supper.

I put them in my fridge to soak.....yes that's my fridge.  Not a lot in it, but it's not very big at all.  We downsized after the youngest son moved into his own place.

Here's my 2 crockpots cooking away.  They will be waiting on my arrival later in the day.

I cut up some red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms to sautee in with the potatoes.  They were super yummy!  I shared a little with hubby to go with his BBQ chicken.

Hubby said his bbq chicken was good.....and the potatoes much better than the first time.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Day Plans

Thank You everyone for joining me here!  I'm overwhelmed with the number of subscribers from my YT channel.   I can feel the love already and I know there are still many regular viewers who may not have even seen the last video.  I do plan to still make videos every now and then but until YT makes a more definite decision what their most recent "child related content" policy involves,  I plan to "lay low" for now.  From what I have read and seen since YT's announcement, I'm guessing that my channel won't be affected by the policy changes.  I'm thinking I can make videos unlisted and put there here for you all to enjoy.  Anyway thank you all for coming over.

Now on to what you all came here Thanksgiving Day Plans

Since my youngest son originally thought he had to work on Thanksgiving I decided to have our family meal Wednesday evening.  Turns out he doesn't have to work, but we are still having Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening.

I don't have anything big planned, just a simple meal with my husband and my 2 boys.

I'm fixing:

Honey glazed ham
Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy
Green Bean Casserole
Chocolate Mousse Pie

I don't follow the recipe exactly on the chocolate mousse pie because the first time I ever made it I thought "heavy whipping cream" was cool-whip.  Ya I know Novice Noob Cook LOL!  SO it's been made with cool-whip every since.  Trust me it's amazing and delicious, and even though I cut it into 8 slices (that's 2 each) it will be GONE! because you can't just eat 1 slice.

It's been a long time since I've made a chocolate mousse pie.......I am looking forward to having my quarter.  I do make my own graham cracker crust too.  Store bough crusts just don't taste as good and they are smaller so my mousse doesn't all fit.

SO therefore since I'm doing everything on Thanksgiving Eve, I have all day on Thanksgiving to crochet, right?   I'm looking forward to the day off.  Who knows maybe we will open up just for a friendly game or two for our gamers.  It wouldn't be the first Thanksgiving they knocked on the door and asked to play or meandered over to see if anyone was playing, even though they know we are closed.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Yarn Chat

In the craft room this past week:::

I did a little organizing.  I have 3 grocery bags of yarn from my stash to share wit a couple of people.  I still have pretty full totes though. (I have even given a HUGE bag of yarn, from my stash, to my mom, to use for making hats recently, too)  I moved my cotton yarn into a large tote (it needed moved) and the random balls of acrylic (it's a huge mess) into the smaller tote that my cotton was in.

What WIP is in my bag today:::
I have the rest of the 2 caron cupcake skeins that I made a previous hat with and my small gauge loom.  I'm hoping to start on another loom knit hat using both strands.

Finished WIPS this past week:::
I finished 2 loom knit stocking hats and a kitty toy for my son's cat

I made this toy with scrap cotton yarn.  I put a jingle bell in it.  Sophie (the cat) likes it.

Nothing new for the craft room this past week

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Currently Reading:::
I'm still working on reading "The Calling of Ella McFarland" 

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Friday, November 22, 2019

I Have Forgotten........

I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed BLOGGING!  I have been VLOGGING on YouTube for a couple years.  Putting out at least one video a week some months a daily video.  Due to YouTubes upcoming changes for 2020 I have decided to come back to BLOGGING.

I have been scrolling through old posts and thinking "WOW! I haven't made that in years!" or "I don't remember that....." and "awwwww" moments.

Some posts are missing pictures and there are some posts that the links that are no longer valid but that happens over the years.  Most if not all posts before November 2019 have comments disabled.  Almost all links to other websites should open in a new window, that way you don't get "lost" on that "new page" and have trouble finding your way back here.

I have had fun updating the information in the sidebar......and discovering blogs that I used to read but had pretty much forgotten about because I was spending so much time on YouTube.

It's good to be "home"!  I hope you will grab a good book, or a yarny project and join me!  You can find an e-mail subscription box over in the right column which *should* send you an e-mail once a day with any posts I have posted.  (I think that's how it works anyway)  There are also several ways you can help support my page.  No pop-up ads from me, I promise.  I don't like webpage pop-ups! However there are some affiliate links in the column on the right as well.  BE watching for occasional special deals from my affiliates, as well as affiliate links in my posts for items I am using or recommend.

No additional ads to watch before/during/or after reading my post.....(well except maybe if I do a twitch stream or a youtube video but that's on their end not mine)....but expect pictures and......well just look around at the archives and you can get an idea of what kind of things you might see here.

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment!  I love reading them!