Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Monday!

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Fall is finally here I think.  We had our last couple days of hot temperatures and it has now cooled down into the 70's.  I'm ready for the cooler temps but not ready for winter yet.

Finished Projects:

I finished a couple things over the past week.  I finally finished the knit stocking hat I've been working on.  I used Red Heart Fiesta Burgundy yarn and 16" Clover size 7 Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles.  I'm ready to start on my next knit hat.  It's getting easier and I'm getting better at it.

I was experimenting and made a tunisian crochet child size headband.  I used the honeycomb stitch and Clover double ended tunisian hook size H.  I also used some random baby yarn I had in my stash.  I used mint green and pink.

I can't wait to make more things like this!  I've made an adult size headband in the past using this same pattern,  They are so simple and fun to make.  Only thing is I'm struggling with the smaller sizes since I have no one to try them on.  There are just adults in my house.

Works in Progress:

In my "take with me bag" I have my boomerang shawl  (free pattern link) that I'm looking forward to working on.  I think it will be nice to wear this fall when I go some place that it's cooler.  I'm using ICE Yarn Neon Wool.

I have a hat started on my orange big peg loom.  I'm using some old Caron Dazzle Aire yarn and some blue with metallic thread.  It's really pretty.  It should be done this week.

I also have a new ball of cotton yarn and my bamboo straight 8's (knitting needles) for a mindless washcloth if I decide to start something new.

I also have the double knit stocking hat on the Knitting Board Double Knit Loom my friend loaned me.  I wanted to try it before I added it to my wish list.  Unfortunately it's not going on the list.  It's ok, but not something I would enjoy using very often.  I do need to finish the hat hopefully this week so I can return the loom to my friend.

What I'm Reading:

I decided to find a book to read over the weekend too.  A Moment of Weakness by Karen Kingsbury
Find me on GoodReads to follow my progress.....

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Over the weekend I landed a new affiliate. Annie's  has agreed to have me on board!  I'm pretty excited.  I have a couple more that are pending that I'm super excited about too.  You can find my affiliate links in the side bar. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Im Super Excited!

Today I delivered my purple hats to my local library for the click for babies campaign.  I was hoping to make at least 10 hats, but I didn't make that goal.  I made 6.  The striped in the round one on top probably isn't big enough, per the lady at the library, but it's still cute anyway.

While I was there the lady at the desk said "By the way, I was going to message you on Facebook."  They know me pretty well, I've been going to the library for about 20 years and many of the same employees are still there.  Makes me happy that we are personal acquaintances.  Anyway a few months back the library posted that they were going to start a knit/crochet group on a weekday afternoon.  *sigh* I couldn't attend because I'm at work all day during the week.  I commented that I would be interested in an evening session either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening.  Well guess what!!!!!  That's what she was going to message me about.  Checking WHICH EVENING would work for me.  HAPPY DANCE!  Since it's now fall, I told her either Monday or Tuesday because Wednesday is church night.  Turns out that Monday was the night the lady who hosts the crochet group was thinking about having it on.  HAPPY DANCE!!!!!  I can't wait for it to start!  Monday nights 5-7:30 is the time they are thinking about having it! Wow a knit/crochet night I can attend in my own home town.  The awesomest part.....since we live downtown, we're only about 2 blocks from the library!  You guys I am so super excited!  Maybe I can learn some new things and possibly share some of my knowledge as well.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What I Miss.......

As I was sitting here yesterday fixing up the links on my blog and adding more I have found since I last added some, and then adding links to places I like to shop or window shop for yarn and other goodies, I was reminded of many things that I have missed since abandoning the BLOG scene.

Not everything is BLOG related either. Not everything is because I stopped doing it, some things are because of the lack of free time I have these days.

First thing I miss is going to the library.  During the winter is the only time my library is open long enough for me to make a visit. Then there is the issue of only being able to go on either Monday or Tuesday evenings after we eat supper.  Thankfully the library is open until 7:30 on weekday evenings in the winter.  Winter hours start October 1st and boy am I looking forward to it!  That's even a Monday. :-)  I have plans to check the fiber arts books for sure!  They have a nice selection of knit books and a meh selection of crochet books. 

I miss reading (paper)  books!  Not to mention posting reviews of them.  I used to provide reviews for book companies.  Of course I stopped doing that when I stopped blogging.  The library has paper books. :-) Maybe I can find some good reads this winter.  I do like the digital books because I can read at night in bed because my phone is lighted.  LOL!  Honestly though there is nothing like reading and flipping pages in a book.

Speaking of Good Reads......I used to hang out there all the time!  I wonder if I still remember my username and password (I had to reset my password).  I was always so good at keeping my book list updated.  Last time I logged a book was September 2017.  I haven't read very many books since then.  Are you on Good Reads?  Look me up!

I miss searching for good recipes!   That is before the days of Pinterest!  Now days you search for a recipe and usually pinterest is right there on top showing you the best recipes, or someone's saved pins for that item.  What ever happened to sites like Taste of Home and Betty Crocker popping up on top?  I'm not saying pinterest is bad.  I have so many pins and  I do find some good ones but it's just not the same.  What about cooking/food blogs?  I found many tried and liked recipes on those as well.  One of my all times favorites was Full Bellies Happy Kids and Tammy's Recipes, which unfortunately is no longer online. *sniff*  

I miss the simplicity of blogging in general.  When/Why did I stop?  Well, selfish reasons like I didn't think my blog was good enough.  My content was boring.  I didn't think the world needed to know my business.  Silly things like that.  Many of which I still struggle with.  I can say social media had a lot to do with it as well.  Everyone was moving to Facebook or Twitter and if you weren't in the "in crowd" you just missed out.  Honestly I flat out don't like Facebook.  If it weren't for the businesses and promoting them on there, because local people live on Facebook, and there are a few friends I just can't convert to texting or following me elsewhere (i've tried),  I probably would just delete my account.

I miss the old BLOGS!  So many of the bloggers I used to follow no longer blog, or they stopped blogging and I stopped following them and have lost track of them.  Also some have gone so commercial that there are non stop pop-up ads and way too many in post ads you just can'r read the page very well.  I personally hate pop-up ads and I'm not a fan of constant picture ads in a post.  Link ads aren't so bad because I can choose whether or not to click on them.  I admit I too want to make some extra money on the side to feed my fiber (yarn) addiction, or to fund a vacation.  I promise you I will not post pop-up ads on my page nor will I litter the post with picture ads.  My affiliate links will most likely be text links or picture ads posted at the bottom of the post or on the side etc. Where am I an affiliate to?  Currently Amazon, Craftsy, DressLily, PatPat, and ShareASale.  I have a company that I recently applied for, but I haven't been approved yet.  Do I make any money off them?  No I haven't received any compensation from any of them yet.  DO I want to?  Sure if I can build a following and create happy friends and customers.  

I think that's enough rambling for today.  Thank you for stopping by!  I enjoy comments!  If you have a blog that you post to leave me a comment.  I'd love to come check it out!

This post contains Affiliate Links

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Monday, September 17, 2018

I'm Just Not Feeling It ~ Yarn Talk

Hi Guys! If you're here because you watched my YouTube video, thanks for coming! If you just happened to stumble on my blog or got notification I actually posted again, Im glad you stopped by for a visit. I'm in some sort of Fall Funk or something and just can't seem to get things (making videos and crochet) accomplished. I've missed blogging too. I used to do it a lot before I decided to dabble in vlogging. Sometimes vlogging is easier and sometimes blogging is easier. Both take time for editing but vlogging just seems harder to do sometimes. Plus I have been vlogging fairly consistently since April 2017. Do you suppose it's burn out? Anyway On to what fiber arts I DID accomplish this past week. This is ALL I have accomplished this past week. It's some left over Red Heart Super Saver Candy Print and Red Heart Super Saver Black yarn.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  It's just a basic beanie with the first row (of 30 stitches) single crocheted around an elastic ponytail band.  I also used the "Chain Tracks Stitch" From the Sheepishly Sharing website.

This picture created quite a stir over on my Instagram this past weekend.  You guys don't do this? I do it all the time! LOL!   This is the next to largest Boye round knitting loom.  They work great for holding my tablet!  I also use the smallest one as well. Guess I think outside the box sometimes.  The smallest loom will also hold my phone, although it doesn't sit between the pegs as nicely with the case on it.  Still it will hold it upright for me to watch videos etc.  Here I was watching a movie on YouTube as I was crocheting.

What am I working on?  I have a tapestry dice bag I am working on for a tournament prize in 2 weeks.  I also need to find and finish any of my purple hats for the Click for Babies collecting at my local library.  I haven't seen anything posted on their web page or Facebook about it so I contacted them.  They said hats need to be turned in by the 21st.  I also borrowed my friend's Knitting Board double knit loom.  I wanted to "try before I buy".  She brought it to me and helped me get started on a hat.  So far I like it but I'm not sure.  I will  let you know when I get the hat finished if I decide to put it on my wish list.

That's all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love comments and questions and for you bookmark my blog to come back, as I plan on spending a little more time here.  I've fixed up my side-bar with all my favorite yarn shopping (usually just window sopping) sites and my favorite vlog and blog sites that have an RSS feed.  

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