Saturday, June 06, 2020

Loom Produce Bag

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                               So i finally made the iCord for the loom knit produce bag i made.  I don't have a little loom for doing this so I followed LoomaHat's video for making it on a normal loom.  You only need 3 pegs, and it's super easy.

I love how it turned out.  I started with the bottom from this video from GoodKnit Kisses and just mad an e-wrap body.  I just used a single strand of Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton yarn.

We even tested it out

4 decent size sweet onions in this bag. The checker at the grocery store didn't even blink at my fancy bag.  I wonder if there are others who take their own.  Probably so I just never see them.

It's too hot to turn lights on....I was looming another produce bag in the dark.  I have a solar led light that I was setting in my lap.  Worked pretty good.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Happy [cro]Hooker Monday #2

Since I usually made a video once a week showing my WIPS, FOs and Acquisitions I thought I would continue that here. Instead of Yarn Talk I have decided to call it "Happy [cro]Hooker Monday".  If you blog, or vlog, add your blog or video link in the comments and I will manually add them to the bottom of my post.  I will only include comments added between 6/1 and 6/6 of 2020 but you're welcome to add your link after that.  All Italic Links are affiliate**, non italic are not affiliate.  All links open in a new window.


I have several accomplishments to share this week, mainly because I forgot to write a post last week.

This first tunisian hat is the one Steve went "yarn shopping" from my stash.  I used Caron Cupcake Sweet Berries.  (this yarn was gifted for my charity hat making.  thank you to the anonymous gifter.)  I was going to knit a hat, but my circular hat needles are a bit big for a "3" weight yarn.  I used my  Clover "G" tunisian double ended hook and a leftover ball from another cupcake for the return stitch

For the second tunisian hat I used the same yarns just finishing off the random bit (which is the green return at the top) then tied on a leftover ball of Caron Cup Cake Sour Grapesthis turned out interesting but not as bright as I had hoped. 

I used some Bernat Handcraftier cotton yarn and made this Garden Head Scarf from Posh Pooch Designs.  I believe the link is to the same yarn, I used.  I will have to double check the wrapper. see tails LOL!  I was hoping to use this for myself but with my super fine hair it just slips right off even though I made it kinda small.  I may have to get some of those snap hair clips or something similar to hold it in place.

I also made some potholders for my son.  These are Magic the Gathering mana (or life) symbols.  He asked for these 3 out of the 5 different ones.  These are made with the cotton mill ends from Mary Maxim that I got last year.  I made the with tunisian crochet and cross stitched the design.  They are double thick and he loved them.

Fiber Challenges:

I have 4 projects in progress....or challenges as I am now calling them.

The first one is a tunisian in the round hat. I am almost finished with it since posting this picture [last week with the intent to write a post].  I am using I Love this Yarn Spring Willow from Hobby Lobby (I didn't see it on their online list so it may be discontinued.) and a random Redheart ball which I believe is the Frosty Green color.  I have never had a label with it.  This is my own pattern for the top down in the round hats.  I should write it up so hopefully you can understand it.

I also have a knit hat going.  This is the Ross Hat which is a free pattern.  I always use this hat pattern except for the decreasing, I do not use DPN's.  Here is my no DPN finishing the hat instructions.
This hat is being made using I Love This Yarn Candystick Stash.  I DO live this color a LOT!  This first hat will be MINE, ALL MINE! I need a new hat anyway.

I have 2 loom knit projects.  The first one is this market bag. I used Lily Sugar and Cream Sage Ombre  and this Easy Loom Knit Mesh Bag video from GoodKnitKisses.  It is now finished all except the drawstring.....since I actually started this post last week. 

Lastly I have this loom knit hat started.  I am using the small Leisure Arts Loom with 2 strands of yarn and the e-wrap.  This is just going to be the basic loom knit hat.  I am using 2 strands of 3 weight yarn, both of which I believe have been discontinued.  One strand I believe is is Bernat Baby Sport Candy Baby (I have never had a label) and the other is the blue Bernat Dippity Dots yarn.  (Here's an amazon link to a couple balls of the peach shade of this yarn).  This yarn was gifted to me and the loom is the only way I have been able to work with it.  So far I am liking how it is looking. I have tried Knit, crochet and tunisian and they all resulted in most of the "dots" being on the back side.  Looming with it the "dots" seem to be all around, some in front, some in back, and some in the middle.  I can't wait to progress farther on this and see how it turns out.  I have a LOT of this style yarn.  


I don't have any new acquisitions this week.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  What have you been working on this past week?  Please leave a comment and check out my Facebook Page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Don't forget to lave a comment and tell me what have you been working on or finished this past week. 

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