Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Working on the Theatre Room

Finally we are getting ready to work on a room upstairs.  This will be the Theatre Room.  Don't ask why we didn't start with something like a living room or bathroom....we just didn't  LOL!  How this room got called the Theatre Room in the first place is it stored actual theatre chairs, that we got for FREE for just going to pick them up.  In a neighboring town the theatre was remodeling and removing the standard cushion chairs and putting in recliner like chairs.  We took a friend with us and were able to come home with 15 chairs....the allowed 5 per person.

These chairs have been this room for a good year or so. 

Yes there is a door from the hallway, and doors on each side of the room, kinda like a real theatre.

The walls, woodwork, and flooring is all original from 1920 when the building was built.

The floor has a green linoleum on it that is still in very good shape!

We are removing the plaster on the ceiling, which is cracking and some had already fallen.  We are going to put insulation and sheetrock on the ceiling.  Don't you just LOVE the bricks above the windows?  Believe it or not the plaster on that wall is probably an inch and a half to 2 inches thick!  We are leaving it and just going to remove the plaster that is damaged.  We are keeping the original light fixture on the ceiling as well.  The windows in this room, with a little repair would be is perfect working order.  The glass is not broken and the chain weights in the windows work perfectly.  The top windows need a little repair.  I'm glad they are so perfect and that the previous owner protected them even more by putting the green fiberglass roofing stuff over the outside.

Excuse the dust!  You can see I opened the windows a bit.  Not like it probably did much good for the ceiling dust.  It was just the idea they were open.  We have removed half of the ceiling.  We will remove the rest another day.  Whew it was a lot of work, for sure.  It's gonna be way worth it though when it's finished!  Looking forward to sharing the remodel with you.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Cotton Slouchy

Goodness I have been gone for almost 2 weeks.  Rest assured that it has been because we have been BUSY!  I hope the busy don't stop. 
Now on to what I just finished......

I posted this a few weeks back.  Since then I have dilly-dallied around doing other things.  I finally finished the hat this morning  
What do you think?  The customer has dreads and wanted a longer "bag"  I hope he likes the hat.
I did something a little different on the band.  I did a reverse single crochet for my last row.  It gives it a little texture and I think a little more "grab" on my head so it doesn't slip as easily.

I have another black slouchy to make for the same customer who purchased the first one.  The first one was a little big so this one I am making a bit smaller.  I have to go buy more yarn first.  Hopefully I can get that tonight.

In the meantime I am working on my 10-stitch Tunisian blanket.

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