Thursday, April 28, 2016

Something to Consider

Something I have kinda wondered about, but never really bothered to ask anyone is living in a van and work-camping.  I don't really want a big RV or anything that says I am an RVer, I'd rather be stealthy about it.  BUT Recently a Van Dweller that I watch on YouTube recently got a work-camp job and in the comments they commented that as a van dweller most work camp jobs won't hire you, unless you apply with someone that has an RV.  SO Guess I better look at small RV's instead of dreaming about stealthiness in a van, because I know we will probably have to work-camp if we ever RV more than a weekend at the lake.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Couple Days Off and an RV Funny

Recently Hubby and I took a couple of days and just drove around.  No overnight stays as the van isn't ready for that yet.  We slept in each day and came home each evening.  AH it was amazing.  We shopped a few flea markets and found a few new ones.  Something we like doing.  If we don't find any treasures it sure is fun to look and talk about things.  Things we had a kids, or we have used, etc.  Not to mention it's exercise walking around some of them.  We found one that is an entire city block big.   Takes us 3 hours to see everything.

Oh and here's a funny......Our last day off we actually did go do a job before leaving town.  It's for our mechanic friend, who also happens to be a part timer (he and his wife are camp hosts at the local lake every summer).  Anyway, his employee came back and said "so and so is at Good Sam's and needs a tire change."  I could see the confusion on his face (since it's camping season).  I popped up and said the nursing home out by the church.  Finally it clicked and he got it.  Good Samaritan Nursing Home, not the Good Sam's RV Club.  He said he was wondering why Good Sam's was calling him for a tire change.  LOL!  I too thought the same thing at first.  LOL!  Must have camping on the brain.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm A WannaBe

Yes for real I'm a wannabe!  It all started about 4 or so years ago when I stumbled on the idea of living full time in a vehicle of some sort.  I researched it a lot back then, but nothing like now.  It's almost like I can't stop researching and learning and shopping and planning. Maybe some day it will all pay off. For now it won't happen on purpose.  I'm still going to plan and learn and share those things here so when/if it happens I will have my plans and ideas in one spot instead of here and there.

Now every time I get in the van my brain goes into "pretend" mode.  Dreaming I'm somewhere where the sun is shining and the temperature is near 80°.  It's not always that here, yet, but summer time is nearly here. Unfortunately I think it's going to be hot and dry.  Our winter was pretty mild, so ya, hot, hot, hot.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I'm BACK!!!!! And Yarn Art Projects in the Past Month

It's been a good month long blog vacation!   A lot has happened in the past month!  I can't wait to tell you all about it!  First though I'm excited to be joining a couple friends at a local arts & craft fair  Memorial Day Weekend.  I've been busy working additional knit and crochet items to sell.  Here are some pictures of what I've been creating:

(this little purse.....the tails are weaved in I'm just waiting on going to a bigger town for some fancy buttons to add to the flap)

We have been doing a lot of work at The Castle this past month as well as taking a few days off.  Watch for more posts.....