Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Week In Review---May 22nd to 28th

Ok I've been tossing back and forth the idea of vlogging on youtube but I just can't do it.  I don't have time to edit videos every single day and take videos every single day.  Pictures are easier and I can sit and type and do other things while I type up a post. SO, that's what I am going to do.  Ho often I can't say, it just depends on how busy I am.  I had this ready to edit as a vlog, but no time to edit so I guess I'll just blog it and add some pictures.  SO for Last week, May 22nd to 28th......

The weather was rainy, sunny, cloudy and not too hot. Overall it was a decent week weather wise.

Last week we finished scraping and painting the last 8 squares of floor at The Castle.  I washed laundry.  We went out of town, and I went grocery shopping.
The last 8 squares finally done. (This is a before picture)

Last week I made these crochet items:  Purple Ninja Turtle Mask, and two butterfly dishcloths.

On the menu last week:
Sunday- Out
Monday- Mac & Cheese
Tuesday- Spaghetti
Wednesday- Chili Dogs
Thursday- Leftover Chili Dogs
Friday- Steak and Gravy (Crockpot Recipe)
Saturday- Whatever was leftover

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to do more, but I can tell you now we're getting ready to get even busier. We're just waiting on the electrician and doing piddly things like painting walls, etc.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cats Know......

Yes they know when you're needing something.  I was looking for the medallion for a local festival in my town (chance to win $250).  I looked for about an hour and a half and believe it or not looked right at it at one point and didn't see it.  Needless to say I didn't win by finding it.  I was bummed and feeling like a looser.  Those thoughts were going through my head.  You know you've had them too I'm sure.  Guess what jumps out of the grass at me.  This cute, furry, lovable kitty cat.

I should have seen it in the grass, but I wasn't paying attention.  It jumped out purring and demanding attention.  I petted it and talked with it.  It didn't want me to leave but I finally walked away.  It followed me for half a block.  Made my mood a little better.  I'm still bummed, but I'll get over it.