Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday FO's and WIP's

I guess I got lost.  Well actually I have been doing a log on YouTube, until here recently when they changed their policy.  Kinda bummed me a little.  Im sure I'll snap out of it sooner or later.  I have to for the adVANture hubby and I are going on this year.  I want to bring ALL of you along, I just don's have room to physically take you all, so I do plan to vlog it.  I'm super excited about it!  If you want to "go" with us go subscribe to my youtube channel.

Nearly New this week.....

I didn't actually acquire any new yarn/yarn related things this week, but I did recycle some yarn that was in a bag that was given to me.  It was a started project.  I unraveled it and rolled it and am using it for another project.
Don't ask what colors they are. The one on the left is a Caron brand the other one had no label.
I also purchased a Barbie will see her below.

I have 2 finished objects this week.....

I crochet a Barbie dress (and hope to make many more) I have a cousin's daughter and a friend's daughter who were quite impressed that I made it.  I was too since it's been Soooooooo long since I had a barbie doll.  LOL!  It's a free Ravelry pattern.  Crochet Barbie Slip on Dress

I managed to finish one knit baby bootie.  It's more like a tube sock, but it's a start.  I have another one on needle and hope to actually have a matching pair.  This is also a free Ravelry pattern Newborn Baby Christmas Bootie Socks
We got a baby shower invite from some friends.  This is my gift to the new baby (providing I get a second one that matches)

Now for my WIPS

The second baby bootie/sock started on DPN's.  I kinda like dpn's.  My local knit friends think I'm crazy LOL!  Do you like dpn's?

 This is the recycled Caron yarn.  

This is the other yarn I recycled. 

I'm thinking these two wips will go together.  We shall see how they turn out.  I'm not really following a specific pattern.  I've combined a couple patterns and am experimenting I guess.

I have also added a few more items to my ETSY SHOP, Cosmic Treasurers and Gifts  Go check it out.

So there you have it.......That's what Ive been up to this past week.  Kinda in a yarn block.  Not really wanting to do anything but yet I am.  Make sense?  I'll be black to vlogging, soon as we get to working on the van for our adVANture.  I should be getting a squishy package in a week or two, so I will probably be vlogging that.  In the meantime, thanks for coming by here.  Leave me a comment below.  :-)