Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Loom Knit and Tunisian WIP’s and FO’s

So besides being busy here’s what I have been working on lately 
Loom knit hat with pompom both recent videos on my YouTube Channel (link to the right)

Im still working on this loom knit scarf. I started it back in October and didn’t like it. I almost frogged it several times but didy. I Picked it back up about a week ago (recent video on my YouTube Channel) glad I didn’t actually frog 🐸 it. I’m in love 🥰 with it and looking forward to finishing it. 

I made this tunisian crochet hat

And just today finished this one. 
Its time to find more yarn from my stash. 

Guess I should attempt to write a top down pattern to go along with the bottom up I wrote. 

If you would like me to attempt a written top down let me know in the comments. ❤️

Happy hooking 🧶