Sunday, July 23, 2017

You Might Think I'm a Flake

and quite honestly sometimes I feel like one.  I can't count the number of different blogs I have had over the years.  I hop around so much.  Sometimes I export all my posts, sometimes they have died along with the deleted blog.  I wish I had some of my original posts back when I first started blogging.  I originally started posting here on blogger back in 2004 or so when we were homeschooling.  We did flat travelers and we used the blog as a way to save postage and to let the visiting flat know what was going on each day.  Those are forever gone. *sigh*

I've blogged at Blogger, way back when it was blogspot.  I've blogged at homeschoolblogger (I think that's what it was called), I blogged at Xanga, Wordpress, Typepad, on my own sever (usually wordpress).....I tried complicated formats like drupal and joomla and probably a few more spots I've forgotten about over the years.  All in all though I believe I have been blogging [all over the place] for about 13 years.  One place I always seem to come back to though, is Blogger.

This last move and return was a big disappointment for me.  If you remember (I may have posted this but I can't remember) I was trying to get set up as an affiliate to sell yarn.  I  thought it would look more professional if my blog, that I was using to promote the products, was hosted on my own server.  That's the reason for the move about a month or so ago.  I tried 3 different companies  and 2 turned me down due to some affiliate legality between their "home state" and Kansas.  The 3rd company I couldn't even finish the application process because their site was messed up.  I attempted to contact them several times and never received a reply.  So I guess 3 strikes and I'm out.  

Since there are no real reasons to host on my own server anymore I came back here.  I have copy pasted the posts and dated them the same as "the other place".  If you get a link there, that's OK.  You should also be able to find that same post here on the same date.

Another hopping around I have been doing is hopping between YouTube videos and posting.  Since I have Adsense set up on YouTube I am not able to set it up on my blog.  At least I haven't figured it out anyway. LOL!  I don't like making videos but seeing my view counts go up, up, up and my estimated earnings, it is getting excited.  I'm no where near getting a check from them (you need at least $100 before they "pay you"), but if I keep making videos that people are watching I'll get there some day.  I don't expect to make millions from YouTube, but a few hundred here and there would be nice.  I will link to my most recent videos soon.  If you're in a hurry to watch them though you can visit my cannel.

Thanks for understanding.  I hope to see you all soon.<3 p="">

Monday, July 17, 2017

HHM ~~ 7/17/2017

  Good evening everyone!  Hope you all are staying cool.  We try to use the AC as little as possible. This week it's going to be a challenge for sure. So here's a little about my day:   It's a bit warm, even for me today.  This week isn't going to be much better.  This week is going to be the hottest we have had yet this summer.  Heat index 100+ and temps bear 100 later on in the week.  Whew! Today for lunch Hubby had a  couple frozen burritos and I had a deluxe turkey sandwich (lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese). Today I had a few things to do after we closed the shop.  Probably more too, but, right after close we went for a small AC to put upstairs.  It's getting too hot, even for us, and poor Fuzzy has been collecting on her "frequent flyer miles" as I call them.  I have been taking her to the shop where we keep it cooler than upstairs.  So we bought a small AC and installed it.  I wrote down the time and the current temperature upstairs.  at 7:35pm it was 92*.  Hopefully it cools quickly. I haven't much been in the crochet or reading mood here lately.  It has been a bit warm to crochet and reading....meh.  I have worked on my rainbow 10 stitch blanket recently though. Oh yah, a kitchen tip.......instead of throwing out bananas that are getting too ripe, freeze them or use them immediately to make banana bread.  For a change we had a bunch ripen quickly so I made 4 loaves and still have bananas to use. I did find the construction paper I mentioned last time.  I do think it helps a little bit  It sure is pretty.  Today we bought a small AC and put it in the boys room, which is on the north side in the alley.  Between it and our fans we are hoping it will keep the 2 bedrooms cool. Well I hope you enjoyed your visit.  I hope to see you again soon. I'm linking up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom  today.

Friday, July 14, 2017

I've Been in a Funk

Yes it's true.  I didn't think I was finding blogging effective.  I was trying to become a partner or drop shipper for a couple yarn companies and they all fell through.  I guess I just kinda gave up on blogging.  I went and made a few youtube videos.  I'll share them here in the next few days.  What got me back tonight though is looking at my twitter account.  Wow!  I haven't been there for some time. Recently put twitter back on my phone (cause I'm sick and tired of Facebook, again) and was looking at the impressions on my blog post tweets.  Very encouraging :-) I got my V-Dub fixed.  I'm super excited!  I have mostly driven it when I run errands.  I mean it's so cool and fun to drive!  I'll tell you about that soon too. It's summer time.....and it's HOT upstairs again.  Honestly I haven't planned too well for that either.  The summer things I have done were fine until the temps started staying in the upper 90's.  Guess we will have to talk about that too. I have been crocheting.  I'll share that soon too.  I have temporarily decided that I am not making anything else to sell.  I am going to concentrate on making things for my family and to give away or donate to a good cause. I guess maybe taking a few weeks off from blogging was a good thing.  I have things to talk about now instead of trying to think of things to say besides "I slept last night, got up went to work, ate and went back to bed.  Repeat." I'm feeling a little more energized.  I'm glad to be back.  Hopefully I'll see you for Happy Homemaker Monday.