Thursday, April 23, 2020


One of my 2019 fiber goals was to only buy [new] yarn  made in the USA....with an exception of Lily Sugar and Cream which is made in Canada with USA cotton. (I had other exceptions that applied to gifted and buying second hand [used] yarn at flea markets and thrift stores) I lifted that in 2020 to accommodate buying all yarn from Joanns and Hobby Lobby because I wanted a wider variety of yarn.  

My 2020 Fiber Goal was to NOT buy yarn directly from an over seas company like ICE Yarn, Hobium, etc..  However since this whole Virus thing has erupted and the chaos and unrest it has caused.  I have rescinded my 2020 goal and will NOT be buying new yarn made from anywhere except the USA! I am still undecided on the second hand [used] yarn purchases from flea markets and thrift stores.  Many of those have no label, so it may bee hard to know what it is or where it was made unless I'm familiar with the yarn.  Redheart Supersaver colors for example are usually pretty easy to identify, because I am familiar with them and the feel of the yarn is almost always the same. Also if it's gifted to me.....I won't refuse it.  I like yarn. 

I understand errors when purchasing, but just don't make a habit of it.  When in doubt with new yarn, e-mail the company and ask where the yarn is manufactured. If it's not USA manufactured.....find something else.  Also I do realize at this time that some fibers come from other countries but are manufactured in the USA.  That at this time is something we must take into consideration.  Not all the fine details are always going to be available.  If we stick to my list from 2019 and any further updates I can get, maybe we can help get yarn manufactures to make more yarn in the USA or Canada since that's where Yarnspirations is located and they bought Redheart aka Coats and Clark out last year.

Here is my 2019 USA MADE YARN (complied from Joann's and Michael's. Hobby Lobby didn't have any USA made yarn in 2019 when I looked)
I will update it as I find additional affordable fibers

  • Redheart Supersaver
  • Redheart with Love (some)
  • Redheart Hello Gorgeous
  • Lion Brand Homespun
  • Lion Brand Heartland
  • Lion Brand Hometown USA
  • Caron One Pound (most)
  • Caron Simply Soft (some)
  • Bernat Handcraftier Cotton
  • Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton (made in Canada with USA cotton)
USA MADE YARNS Added in 2020
  • Redheart Heatwave (according to the Yarnsiprations website, I have not personally seen/bought this yarn)

Here is Lion Brand's USA YARN page on their website.
Here is Yarnspirations carefully they don't say country of origin
If you like mail order Mary Maxim lists country of origin on most yarns in their catalog.  Haven't seen it listed on their website.

Sunday, April 05, 2020


Hello everyone!  I had a YouTube subscriber contact me saying they had watched a 30+ minute ad, which was 1 of 2, before one of my videos.  That did NOT make me happy at all. Effective today I have removed all monetization on my YouTube videos.  I do plan to keep making videos but definitely won't be trying to make money from them anymore.  It's not like I have made a whole lot anyway.  In the past month or so what I made has gone down, down, down.  Somehow less views and less ad revenue. SO.....maybe that is my cue to come back to blogging more.  I've been thinking about doing it but never seem to "have the time", or "never have anything to say".  It's so much easier to make a video and edit it a little than it is to type something out.  Oh well, time will tell.