Monday, May 29, 2023

This week in the kitchen May 29th


Here's this weeks menu plan.  I spent $37.25 which is $2.75 over my weekly budget for 7 meals.  However I know there will be some leftover stuff for another week,

Here's what I purchased from the Dollar Tree

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

2 pouches Idahoan Potatoes

1 can campbells chicken gravy

2 cans diced tomatoes

1 box elbow macaroni

2 packs tortillas

From the local Grocery Store I purchased

2 boxes (8 count) garlic bread/texas toast

1 jar prego spaghetti sauce

1 package hormel πŸ˜• pepperoni (the sugardale was out of stock *sigh*

4 8oz blocks of cheese.  2 mozzarella and 2 sharp cheddar

the meal plan (in no particular order)

KFC chicken bowls (2 meals)

Garlic Bread pizza

Spaghetti and garlic bread (with leftovers)

Chili Mac & Cheese (maybe leftovers)

Pizza Quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas (I may make some beans for myself this week as I don't particularly like chicken and i want more than just cheese.  I have some chicken on hand that I'm going to cook up in the slow cooker)


Friday, May 26, 2023

This week In the kitchen May 26th


Lunch: hubby chicken legs and a hard boiled egg. Me cheesy rice and pineapple. Chocolate chip cookie  for dessert 


Chicken legs, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob and biscuits 


Lunch: quesadillas 

Supper: teriyaki chicken with broccoli (for me) and bell peppers and onions (hubby)


Lunch  garlic bread pizza

Supper spaghetti wirth garlic bread 


Lunch leftover spaghetti with butter and sat 

The bread i made last week was good. I will definitely be trying that recipe again. 

Friday, May 19, 2023

This Week in the Kitchen - May 19, 2023

So back in 2020 I bought a bread machine off marketplace thinking I was going to be a bread maker.  I tried a few times, but the bread was just blah and ok.  I've had a bread machine before, 3 machines to be exact, so I'm not sure why it wasn't working for me this time, except maybe I was out of practice. 

Fast forward to this week.....I decided to try again.  The generic bread here is $1.50 a loaf,  I can make it way cheaper, and with less preservatives.  I searched youtube and finally decided to try this one.  It turned out nice sized and feels soft.  We haven't tried a slice yet though.  I think it will be a good recipe.  I'll try to remember to report back next week on how it was and how we liked it.

lunch: sandwiches and chips 
Supper: rotini with leftover spaghetti sauce and sausage 

Lunch: sandwiches and leftover rotini
Supper: we were out of town and ate at Del Rio

Lunch: Me Left over Del Rio, Hubby leftover rotini and a sandwich
Supper: Sweet & Sour chicken

Lunch: Me sandwich, Hubby leftover S&S chicken 

The rest of the weekend we will eat at work

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Waiting out the storm

Happy Tuesday Friends!  I'm waiting out a thunderstorm.  We were in a severe storm warning as well as a  watch until much later tonight but it has been bumped down to just a special weather statement and a watch.  SO not as severe but still potentially hazardous.  I say "bring it on!".  

I have some oven fried chicken baking in my toaster oven as well.  It's for supper tomorrow night.  I was going to make it for tonight, but didn't feel like it earlier.  Better late than never, right?  

So what did we have instead?  Spaghetti (angel hair) with spaghetti sauce (Prego Chunky Garden Combo) and garlic bread.  MMMmmmm!  We have leftovers for lunch tomorrow as well.  Hubby and I will probably share the spaghetti as one bowl will have sauce the other butter and parmesan. 

Monday lunch we had lunchmeat sandwiches, on the super fluffy bread, I shared on Instagram over the weekend, and some Sun Chips.  For supper we had pork loin sandwiches (I just used the first 6 ingredients and cooked it in my crockpot on high for about 6 hours) and potato chips.

Lunch today (Tuesday) Hubby had a couple of pork sandwiches and I had peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  I had to get up early to bake the bread because I didn't plan ahead very well.  It wasn't as fluffy as the weekend bread because I didn't let it rise as long, but it is still yummy and delicious.

In other news, I finished another tunisian in the round hat today, using the new method I found using a long cabled hook.  (If you're interested in the method, I'll share the links at the end of this post.)  This hat is a combination of TPS, TSS for the brim, the twisted simple stitch for the majority of the body, and finished off with the simple stitch.  I really like how it turned out.  Time to find another skein and cast on another one.😍

Well, my chicken is finally baked, and it's started raining.  I'm headed to the craft room to enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof and to start another hat, or maybe work on a WIP.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back soon.

Here's the links I promised.  They are both on YouTube.

Friday, May 05, 2023

Finished Projects Since Quitting YouTube

Hello Everyone!  I decided to quit YouTube.  I have been having trouble for some time (since 2020) with different things and it finally drove me to quit,  Nothing I have done wrong per their rules, it just they can't seem to confirm things and have been finding "problems" with different videos after they have been published for a time.  SO be it  Probably saves me time anyway,  I don't know how often I will blog but I hope to get back into the swing of things eventually.

I can't quite remember where we left off, if you watched my YT, but I have been making some hats.  I got addi out and made 3 hats with it.

I made a knit hat.  It's the Ross Hat pattern I always use. 

I have also created a couple tunisian crochet hats using a new "in the round" method I recently discovered.  You can can watch the videos that helped me HERE and HERE

I'm currently working on a few things.  No pictures yet though, until they are finished.  In the works is 3 tunisian projects.  A Morse Code themed washcloth with my name written in morse code, a hat in the round (with the new method) and a shawl for Terri and Lottie's May Challenge. You can check out their May challenge by watching one or both of their videos.  I almost didn't participate in this month's challenge, but I remembered that I said I was going to do all of them this year, since I wasn't focusing mainly on hats, hats, hats.  Last year I skipped a few of their challenges.

Thanks for stopping by.  Leave me a comment, and don't forget to come back and visit soon.