Saturday, August 06, 2016

I Don't Remember Reading That

Have you ever picked up a book to read? Well now that is a silly question. Honestly who hasn't read a book? LOL!  I recently picked up Forgetting Tabitha and after reading the book description thought it sounded like a good book. It is an orphan train story.  Starts out real interesting, gets intense, gets good them BAM! I realized I had read this book before. I marked it as read and am looking for a different book.  This book is a good read just doesn't qualify for a second full read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. I'm working on a video for YouTube. It will be available sometime this weekend.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

An Expierance at Walgreens

A few weeks back I went to Walgreens.  I don't shop there a lot, but occasionally will go there, because it's late (they close at 10pm, everything else in town 9pm), and because it's close (2 blocks away). I don't look at the weekly ads for them very often either unless I'm looking for a specific item and want a good price on it.

The item I went to purchase was an occasional item.  On the shelf was a tag that stated that there was a digital coupon available for $5 off the item. I stood there I downloaded the app on my phone and held my breath as I tried to log in.  (yes for real, that's how often I use it.)  I successfully logged in and "clipped" the digital coupon.  I proceeded to the check out only to have the worst experience ever.  For whatever reason when I put in my customer number thing in (you know it's your phone number if you don't have their little member card) it didn't deduct the coupon.  I pointed that out to the cashier and showed them the "clipped" coupon on my phone.  They tried to scan it but it wouldn't scan (which happens often).  Then they said it wasn't valid.  I argued with them that I had just "clipped it".  They proceeded to call the manager/shift person whatever they were for assistance.  At that point I went and picked up a sale ad, thinking maybe there was a coupon in it, but there wasn't.  At that point the manager person was there and argued with me that I had to clip them 24 hours in advance.  I proceeded to state any other store who had "digital coupons" I could clip in store and use immediately.  all they would say, over and over is "I'm sorry ma'am there is nothing we can do."  I finally, with an attitude, paid  FULL PRICE for the item which took my entire $10 I had brought, because I needed it then and no other business was open that I could purchase it at.  I was ticked big time.  I come home hollering and griping. Hubby told me to send corporate an e-mail.  What good would it do?  So I did.  I e-mailed corporate.  The next day the local store manager called me and apologized about the incident.  They told me it was a coupon in their monthly booklet, and no I didn't have to "clip" the coupon 24 hours in advance. They said that the employees I dealt with were in the wrong and that they would get a talking to.  The manager also told me if I wanted to bring my receipt into the store they would reimburse me the difference.  Well....I had already thrown away the receipt, so I wasn't able to collect my coupon price.  Walgreens Corporate also e-mailed me and gave me like 5000 bonus points and apologized for the problem.  I told hubby I wasn't shopping at Walgreens anymore.  That's been a few weeks back and I have only gone in there once because we were looking for something specific, later at night again, that they didn't have.

I'm glad they apologized and offered to fix the problem.  It irritates me though how I was treated by a member of management.  I will probably go back some day, but for now I will shop at the dollar stores.  They are cheaper anyway.