Thursday, May 21, 2020

Finished the Hat that Steve Shopped my Stash for the Yarn

If you watched my last Yarn Talk video 2 weeks ago, Steve went "yarn shopping" from my stash for my next hat.  If you don't want to go watch the video you can read my short post HERE on my blog.  He chose a ** Caron Cupcake Sweet Berries.  (this yarn was gifted for my charity hat making.  thank you to the anonymous gifter.)  I was going to knit a hat, but my circular hat needles are a bit big for a "3" weight yarn.  I used my ** Clover "G" tunisian double ended hook and a leftover ball from another cupcake for the return stitch.  I really like the finished hat.  It is a teen/small adult size.  It fits me pretty snug though, so probably more a child/teen size.  That's OK though I"m stocking my bucket hoping to have enough to donate to a couple groups this winter.

I couldn't wait to get started on another hat.  This one is another Tunisian in the round, but using "4" weight yarn.  I am using a ** Clover "H" tunisian double end hookI Love This Yarn "Spring Willow" and a misc. ball of Redheart that I do not know the name of because it had no label.  
I'm not sure about this color combination but I do think I want to knit a hat with this I Love This Yarn.  I'm curious the knit pattern it would create.  
I did find a new way to start a Tunisian hat in the round.  I need to practice it a few more times before I share.  It's basically the same except starting with the TSS color you start with the return color.  I can't remember where I seen it though.  I should have noted that, but I didn't.  

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Recent Tunisian Accomplishment

My oldest son ask for some potholders with Magic the Gathering mana symbols on them.  I knew just what to do!  I made a tunisian crochet "canvas" and cross stitched on it.  I made a back the same color as the symbol.  I am happy the way they turned out.  I think I will make the other 2 (tree (green)  and sun (white/yellow))  for him as well.  These 3 were his requested colors.  

I have other ideas for double think pot holders like this too. Frog, kitty cat, heart, bee......the list goes on and on.  I may just have to play the mary maxim cotton mill end lottery again (I just noticed they are on back order as of the date of this post) and see what I get.  I have completely used 1 skein of black that I got last time.  There were 3 skeins in the bag.  Besides these projects I also used it for a woven pot holder that I made a few months ago back in February.  The back side of this is solid black.  I got a lot of projects out of that one skein.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Flowers and Food

Flowers from one of my boys for mothers day.

Homemade buttermilk jalapeno cheddar biscuits 

Homemade blueberry cobbler with homemade whip cream

Adding a little warmth to the craft room

Apples in the dehydrator

Monday, May 11, 2020

Happy [cro]Hooker Monday

Since I usually make a video once a week showing my WIPS, FOs and Acquisitions I thought I would continue that here. Instead of Yarn Talk I have decided to call it "Happy [cro]Hooker Monday".  If you blog, or vlog, add your blog or video link in the comments and I will manually add them to the bottom of my post.  I will only include comments added between 5/11 and 5/16 of 2020 but you're welcome to add your link after that.

Finished Projects:

I don't have any finished projects this week.

Works in Progress:

I have 2.  The first one is a tunisian in the round hat.  I am using the yarn that Steve picked in the last yarn video I made.  I'll link to it HERE if you want to watch it.  It was a caron cupcake.  I was going to knit it, but my needles are a bit big for a size 3 yarn so the hat was light and airy.  Not always good for a winter hat.  SO I decided to tuisian crochet it. 

I grabbed a left over ball of cupcake yarn from previous hat(s) to use as the return stitch.

I'm excited to actually use the "G" double end tunisian hook I have.  It is making a thicker fabric than the knitting needles I have did.  

I also got some cotton yarn and started some tunisian squares for x-stitch potholders.  I have 2 of 6 squares made.  These actually worked up quicker than I thought.  Probably a good thing because the x-stitch part will probably take me the longest.  Since these are going to be double sided I won't have to worry about hiding my stitches and tails on the back side.  That will make a a bit easier.


I don't have any new acquisitions this week.

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Saturday, May 09, 2020

How I Finish A Knit Hat Without DPNs

When I knit a hat I use size 7 circular needles with "4 weight" yarn and and cast on 81 stitches (the odd stitch I use for the join so the hat is 80 stitches around). This hat fits comfortable on me, which I make the teen/small adult size and measures about 8 inches tall when completely finished.  It fits tight on my head and goes just a bit past the bottom of my ears.  I use the Free "Ross Hat" pattern from Smells Like Yarn YT Channel. You can watch the original video tutorial HERE and find a newly updated written free pattern HERE and the updated video HERE for multiple weights of yarn info.  Ross doesn't casts on 80, he has a different method of joining his 80 stitches which I could never get to work and look good for me.  I can't remember where I found the odd stitch join info but it was in another in the round knit hat video on YT that I found.  Now into how I finish my hat WITHOUT DPNs, which I do not like and do not get along with LOL!  I actually wrote my instructions down so I didn't forget what I do.  For me, 6 rows = 1 inch.  If your gauge is different than adjust my info accordingly.

I knit a 2 by 2 ribbing, which is K2 P2 for at least an inch sometimes 2 inches, but usually just an inch because I don't care for knitting and purling back and forth.  
I knit until my hat length measures 7 inches or so.  You need at least 7 inches to make this work.  I wouldn't do more than 7 1/2 so your hat isn't a monster size.  

Once you reach 7 inches in length put a stitch marker every 16 stitches and decrease every row...


Until you have 10 loops between markers.  For my gauage  6 rows equals an inch.  This will make the hat height 8 inches after gathering the top.

For good measure and to accommodate for the gather at the top I decrease an additional 2 rows leaving 8 loops between markers.  This seems to be my max on using circulars and decreasing. I have to keep moving the yarn and it can get tedious but I can do it. I also knit one stitch after my beginning stitch marker.  Just by choice.

Your hat should measure between 8 inches and 8 1/4  inches.  I think the extra quarter of an inch accommodates for the gathering at the top. DO NOT remove your needles yet.

Cut your tail about 12-18 inches long and thread on your sewing needle.  Start with the next loop after your last knit and slide your needle under your needle to pick up the loops.

Once you have the loops on the yarn tail you can carefully pull the knitting needle out of those loops only.  Continue to run your needle around in the loops and removing the knitting needle carefully until all loops are on the yarn.  I always go 1 loop after the last one on the needle with my yarn tail.  By choice.

Pull the yarn tail tight to close up the hole.

Sew across the gathered hole back and forth several times.

Push your sewing needle down into the center of the "hole" and stitch across the inside a few times before knotting off (just like in regular needle and thread sewing).

Run your tail down through the back loops of your hat.  Check to make sure it isn't showing on the front.  Cut your remaining tail.

Sew in your beginning tail at the ribbing.  

It wasn't really necessary here but if you have a gap or little hole from joining your in the round. Now is the time to fix that.  Go into the stitch to the right of your tail and

back into the loop to the left of the loop you just went into.

Tie off the tail like you did for the top of the hat and run the needle up the back side of the first knit of the ribbing.  Snip your tail.

Here's your finished hat....Non DPN finish.

My finished hat measured right at 8 1/4 inches.  That covers just past the bottom of my ears.  This is how I like my hats to fit.