Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Recent Tunisian Accomplishment

My oldest son ask for some potholders with Magic the Gathering mana symbols on them.  I knew just what to do!  I made a tunisian crochet "canvas" and cross stitched on it.  I made a back the same color as the symbol.  I am happy the way they turned out.  I think I will make the other 2 (tree (green)  and sun (white/yellow))  for him as well.  These 3 were his requested colors.  

I have other ideas for double think pot holders like this too. Frog, kitty cat, heart, bee......the list goes on and on.  I may just have to play the mary maxim cotton mill end lottery again (I just noticed they are on back order as of the date of this post) and see what I get.  I have completely used 1 skein of black that I got last time.  There were 3 skeins in the bag.  Besides these projects I also used it for a woven pot holder that I made a few months ago back in February.  The back side of this is solid black.  I got a lot of projects out of that one skein.

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