Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blogmas 2014 Day 16 Christmas in my Home Country

Not real sure what to write here.  My home country is the USA.  I think the USA has about as many  traditions, as it has people.  Traditions were different when I was growing up in Indiana than they were when I was a teen and had moved to Kansas, and now as an adult living in Kansas.

Growing up in Indiana where I lived everything was decorated.  The church in my town always had a living nativity (which I got to participate in one year).  There was so much joy and cheer it was most defiantly a jolly season.

When I moved to Kansas, there wasn't as much decorating and jolliness, but there still was some cheerfulness.  I didn't see near as many decorations as I did in Indiana.

Now as an adult, living in a different part of Kansas, about the only tradition I have observed is the obsession of Black Friday.  Very few people decorate in the town I live in now.  Some businesses don't even decorate.  The big box stores all have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff out at the same time.  It shouldn't be too long (maybe a week or so?) before the Christmas stuff does on clearance and the Valentines day stuff comes out.  *sigh*

I think the old classic Christmas cartoons that we watched on TV are the best.  Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman.....I'm sure there were more but those are the ones I remember the most.

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  1. I'm with you on the cartoons. So sad to hear that no one really decorates.

  2. I relate with a lot of your traditions & memories as I'm a child of the USA as well. ;)

  3. I STILL love to watch the old cartoons. It really takes me back to my childhood and gathering with my family around our little tv to watch them!


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