Monday, October 02, 2023

HHM October 2, 2023


Hello friends!  I haven't participated in HHM since June of 2019.  I often read Sandra's blog and a few others, but I've mainly been living over at YouTube posting and watching.  I have been having  motivation issues for making videos for some time.  YouTube and I had a little disagreement, so I'm reluctant posting, afraid I'll say something they don't like or they will hear some little discrete copyrighted song that's barely audible in the video.  I have started posting the same content to Rumble as well and have found it is a much friendlier platform and not as strict.   Anyway Lets get on with what I'm here for.......I'm a little out of practice but we will get there,😀

The weather outside today:  It feels warm although it is much cooler than it has been all summer.  current temperature is 84 degrees with the expected high if 86 today with a low of 62 tonight.

Looking outside right now: The sun finally decided to come out from underneath the clouds and is shinning brightly.  There is a slight breeze.  Not too much traffic out right now today either.

So far today I:  
  • Got up and very quickly got ready for the day, because I did oversleep a bit.  
  • paid bills. 
  • did some updating on watch/read links here since I think i am coming back to blogging a bit more.  I spent the weekend reading posts from start to current.  My how things have changed and I was able to remember many sweet memories I had forgotten about as well as some downer times as well.  
  • I also put some chicken legs in the crockpot for a future meal this week, or snack for hubby, which ever happens first. 
  •  I started a load of laundry to hang up to dry later today.

Thinking and pondering:  thinking about an upcoming mini vacation.  

I'm thankful for:  
Jesus gave me another day to be alive.  Food in my pantry and fridge to eat.  The yarn in my cabinet to help keep my busier even though I'm already overly busy.  

Brunch this morning:  I had some pinto beans with sour cream and cheese and some celery and peanut butter and water to drink.

On today's To DO list:  
  • Hang up laundry to dry later today
  • do a little meal planning
  • make a grocery list
  • cook supper
  • wash a few dishes
  • hopefully make a video for my rumble and youtube channels  (same video just posted to separate platforms.
  • hopefully work on a loom knit hat I have started.

Currently reading:  I've recently gotten back into reading.  Many of the digital apps from my library that I used to use are no longer supported by the library.  They do however use Hoopla.  It's a nice app.  My library allows 5 borrows a month.  Last month I read too fast.  Hopefully this month I can make the 5 last all month.  Currently I have the "Dear Mr. Ted" series by J. R. Stockholm downloaded.  I'm about 5 chapters into the first book since about 2am Sunday October 1st.  Here is an amazon affiliate  link if you would be interested in the series. (click on the image)

I also had to restart a different Bible reading plan from a different Bible app because the app I was using won't always open up properly.  Yes It's up to date as is my phone.  dunno what the issue is.  Anyway it's a 1 year Historical Plan.  I'm obviously at the tail end of it, but plan to continue on nest year and actually get the whole thing read.

Watched on the computer this past week:

YouTube videos of channels I'm subscribed to or just random stuff when I have watched all I want of said subscribed channels.  I did find a link in a previous post way far back of some Free TV shows/series to watch.  I checked it out, it's still there, and they actually have a few shows I want to watch or rewatch.  Will do that on an old computer that I don't care if it gets viruses, etc.....because it's "that kind of website".

On the Hook/Needles:
I have a loom knit hat, a tunisian crochet scarf, and a crochet hat in the works.

Recipe I want to try: 
As I was scrolling and reading old posts I came across this Pull Apart Cinnamon Bread recipe that I apparently made for Thanksgiving 2013.  I don't remember it at all and haven't made it since, so it either wasn't good or it just slipped my mind.  It's cooling off soon and I do plan to make it at least once before this year is over.

I'm linking up with Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom


  1. Enjoyed reading your post! I like your blog background. Not sure I've ever heard of rumble, need to look into though I'm not one for making videos. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Lots of hats in progress - hot & toasty for upcoming winter. Don't know about the rumble platform... always new things ;)
    Have a great week


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