Friday, February 02, 2024

12 Cast Ons Update

 Happy Groundhog Day!  I seen that Phil didn't see his shadow, however here he would have.  We have sunshine and it is to ne near 70 degrees today.  I am not expecting this nice weather to stick around.  I am expecting another cold snap before spring time.

I am glad  you are here.  Thought  I would share a little update on my projects today and how my foot is doing. 

First off my foot is doing a lot better.  The past 2 weeks I have only been wearing the boot on weekends when I walk a LOT.  During the week I am fine walking on it since i don't walk as much.  My foot does seem to get tired easy though.  

I finished a project this past week.  I finished the loom knit scarf.  I love how it turned out.  I used the full skein of yarn  it's Loops and Threads Fiesta Multi yarn.

this is the stitch pattern I used for the scarf
I am looking forward to starting a new one soon.  I am thinking about using a different stitch pattern.

Here is an update on the second entry for the 12castons2024 hosted by yarnnyarns  this year.  It is the Nottawasaga Buff By Lucille Maierhofe (free ravelry pattern).  I have made good progress since my announcement for this entry. I think I have about 10 rows before starting the decrease.

And an upodate on my first 12castons entry, the tunisian plarn rug/mat.  this weekend I have 4 bags to add.  They are what we used up last weekend.

I am looking forward to adding them to the project.  This is after the bags last weekend.

Teri and Lottie's February Challenge is to Make a throw.  I will not be participating in this challenge.  If you would like information on this challenge you can watch Teri's video

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